Hydro Dams

Onshore Excavator Technology Used Underwater

Perform excavator operations without dewatering

The oil and gas industry has for decades been focusing on replacing typically diver performed tasks with remote-controlled vehicles, driven by safety and efficiency benefits. Bringing our expertise from the offshore market, Scanmudring can offer a vast range of proven remote underwater construction services in all kinds of water depths and conditions.

In hydro dams, many tasks are performed in dry conditions with landbased excavators. The same method is also where the Scanmudring underwater excavators, named Scanmachine, have their origin. The Scanmachines can perform the same operations in filled dams and inside tunnels, remotely operated without divers and in low visibility, i.e. no requirements for lowering the water level.

Typical tasks

Examples of services

  • Sediment removal/ relocation in front of the dam
  • Splitting and removal of large boulders
  • Various underwater drillings services
  • Tunnel excavation
    • concrete plug demolition
    • debris and sediment removal