Subsea Mining

Pushing the Frontiers of Performance

Exploitation technologies for marine minerals 


There is much interest around deep-sea mining as a future way of extracting minerals from the seabed. NTNU has an extensive research program called MarMine sponsored by the Research Council of Norway. Scanmudring is one of the industry partners in this, together with companies like Equinor and DNV GL as our traditional services are similar to the seabed services required in the mining industry. Scanmudring can contribute with unique competence and experience.

The Experience to Succeed

With hundreds of performed subsea projects and more than 100 000 hrs from deep-sea operations, Scanmudring holds the experience and technical knowledge on engineering, building and operation of remote operated heavy subsea machinery capable of milling and removal of any type of material.

We specialise on the design, development and operation of bespoke subsea tooling for crushing, drilling and retraction activities on the seafloor, within challenging environments and with a different kind of soil. 

Scanmudring will use our expertise to develop, design and operate the technology related to the subsea machinery and tools needed in the exploration and production phase of these kinds of ventures.