IPSH Dredging & Cleaning System

Scope of Work

Dredging and cleaning of centre conductor and tailpipe. Thereafter prepare seabed for installation for BOP parking.



Main Spread

ScanHub, HP Unit, Hose Reel


Soil Plug Removal Tool

Water Depth



7+10 days



Planning Phase

IPSH04 was based on the experience with use of slurry pumps and high pressure jetting utilized for similar tools from Scanmudring.

  • The phase included
  • Final design
  • Production
  • Load testing of IPSH04 according to DNV 2.7.3
  • Assembly of spread
  • Shallow water test
  • Shallow water (<35 meters of water depth)
  • High Currents
  • Poor Visibility


Other Projects

Optimize positioning of a drilling rig

Optimize positioning of a drilling rig

Rockdump redemial to support the footprint of a drilling rig on two locations, according to design criteria’s from DNV to fulfill stabilisation in the foundation and minimise seabed disturbance. Debris removal & pipe uncovering

Installation of an AC power and optical cables system

Installation of an AC power and optical cables system

Planning PhaseOnce the substation jacket was installed, a rock dumping vessel performed the scour protection around the jacket, but there was still a need for rock installation inside the jacket.Challenges Strong current & Low visibility Precise placement of rock...

Seabed preparation at Heimdal

Seabed preparation at Heimdal

As preparation towards an upcoming by-pass operation, Scanmudring was contracted to make 4 pits under existing pipelines to create access for client’s PRS (CRU) and Force.