Article about Scanmudring in Norwegian magazine, Dyp

18 September, 2018

”The wheel has already been invented. Our core task is to modify and adapt the best land based technology to subsea operations”

Digging deeper

“Our basic approach is to take the best proven technology from land-based construction operations, modify and convert it, and use it for underwater operations”, said Arild Ariansen, Managing Director at Scanmudring. 

Article by:

Arild Ariansen
Managing Director
T: +47 92 85 86 73

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Working in low visibility

Working in low visibility

Scanmudring has throughout our history been working on various technologies to maintain critical operation in low visiblity.

Selecting the best cutting method

Selecting the best cutting method

Selection of the best cutting method is an advanced exercise based on experience, if the cuts are on a critical line or not, where the cut is to be made and sometimes also if there are access in- or outside the piles.