Selecting the best cutting method

16 august, 2019

During the life of field there will be a need for removal of templates, jackets, wells or other structures which are piled to the seabed. To remove these structures, the piles need to be cut.

There are various national regulations and guidelines for how far below seabed a pile/well must be cut to permanent abandon the field. For example, Petroleumstilsynet in Norway states that piles must be cut below seabed, without stating the required depth. In the Netherlands on the other hand the common cutting depth is six meters below seabed. Selection of the best cutting method is an advanced exercise based on experience, if the cuts are on a critical line or not, where the cut is to be made and sometimes also if there are access in- or outside the piles. In the following we will go through some of these evaluations and try to shed some light on the process and evaluations done prior to selecting cutting method.

Article by:

Amalie Bjørnestad

Office Manager 

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