One topside spread, one crew – many options subsea!

Scanmudring has launched ScanROV in the last year – a unique power supply and control unit designed to be used with a variety of tools, and as in operation in 2017/18 has been shown to produce results that have never been seen earlier in the market!

ScanROV GHD-10
A 10m3 grab with unique positioning system. Shown 3-6 times more efficiently in sticky clay than other existing solutions and resulted in huge savings for our customer during the development of a major Norwegian oil field in 2017.

ScanROV 40Te Excavator
Scanmachine no 5: a mechanical force that is completely unique and enables a variety of new features on the tool side. The picture below shows a recent mobilization of the machine with a 2 m3 grab. The grab can easily be replaced with levelling bucket for levelling, Diamond Wire SAW for cutting or ejector for areas near live assets.

This is just one of many examples of new realizations Scanmudring has completed the last year – all that can be done on land, we can do underwater!

More news

New web for Scanmudring

Scanmudring recently launched a new web page. The new page has an up-to-date design, is easier to navigate in and shows the company’s broad diversification in various industries and services in a more clear manner.

UKCS operations with Rever Offshore

Together with Rever Offshore on Maersk Inventor, Scanmudring recently executed a rock pad remediation scope. Another successful rock pad removal project was recently executed at Loggs, Vulkan, Viking and Jade utilizing our 40Te Scanmachine. Scanmudring’s services are...

Another job well done at Heimdal

Earlier this summer Scanmudring completed a seabed intervention project on the Heimdal field in NCS. The mighty Heimdal main platform in the picture below is still standing strong.Scanmudring was part of a very challenging project where the end goal is to distribute...

Scanmudring AS at Norsk Oljemuseum

Over the past decades Scanmudring has been an important contributor for the seabed intervention in Norway and internationally. As a result of our past work and results we have the honour to inform you that Scanmudring have donated a Scanmachine to the Norwegian Oil...

Cost Effective Subsea Rock Removal Tool for Deepwater Applications

Once again, Scanmudring proved that the adaption of known and tested onshore equipment can be transferred to subsea remote operations with great success!Deep water rock formations have traditionally been avoided during pipeline route selection instead of being...